monday favorites

This will be the last Monday favorites before taking some time off next week. But, yes, you got it, this one brings an insane array of mish mash goodness: perfect menswear by Dana Lee, Studio Swine take on hair-ientalism,wonderful handmade leather bags by upcoming dutch brand Labour of Art and Mark Borthwick photography. It's all good.
"Menswear feels like more of an extension of my own personal style. Also, I’ve always had an obsession with trying to perfect basics and seemingly boring things. I find these things can shine more in menswear." I love you Dana ! Here several collections by New York based designer Dana Lee.

Image description

Image description
"Hair Highway is a contemporary take on the ancient Silk Road which transported not only silk but also technologies, aesthetics and ideas between East and West. Investigating the global hair industry in the Shandong province of China, Studio Swine followed the journey of the material from the people who sell their hair through to the hair merchants, markets and factories. The project documents this journey in a film and a collection of highly decorative objects." Studio Swine

 Labour of Art handmade leather bags, from Utrecht, the Netherlands, with love.

 Mark Borthwick  photography. Now. Then. Forever.


Simplicity. Honesty. It's all so simple. Reject conventions, reject negativity, and paths of (self) destruction. And I'm having a soft  boiled egg and a coffee this morning while I'm writing this down. And I like to be with you in the sun. And I like to walk with you when the lights are going down. 

monday favorites

Monday favorites are about gentleness; a forgotten whisper,a broken pocket mirror. Gentle, gentle fading into thin air.

1978/79 trilogy Sente-me, Ouve-me, VĂȘ-meHelena Almeida (1934, Portugal) lives and works in Lisbon.

Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat White
Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat in White Highland Wool, 100% wool. Made in Peru.  
Via Rennes

Kelp Triple Layer Wraparound   Sunset Tassel Necklace
Bell Tassell II Relic Necklace Infinity Knot Necklace
Cave Collective's  work is characterised by an experimental and playful yet sophisticated attitude. They make art objects and installations that are crafted with great care and attention to detail. All materials are chosen for their unique quality. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind or a very limited edition.

Cecilia Margarita de Corral  handmade clothing.

Self taught pigment expert Audrey Louise Reynolds continues to create custom colors and patterns made from just about anything you can dream up. She is well known for her sense of adventure in her choice of materials like Bio luminescent Plankton, Mineral Reactions, squid ink, home grown crystals, rust, earth, botanical materials, insects, and mollusks suffused with fabrics such as peace silk ,cashmere, and even metal (...).

karaoke wednesday | holy wave

 Got hooked. Tremendously hooked on  Holy Wave. Their music is like pure magic. 

I've been drawn to my main love affair once again, which is music. I mean, fashion has become gradually very boring and secondary to me. It all comes across as too similar one way or another.  
What also bothers me in fascis..sorry, fashion, is the lack of authenticity I suppose. Even what comes across as genuine is really overly produced, and staged up and therefore it becomes immediately uninteresting and unappealing. At least to me. 
I just don't dig the trends, the "luxe", the brands. It's a bit nerve wrecking actually. The few things I have bought in the last months were vintage and thrift/second hand finds.I suppose you get different priorities and interests as time passes by. And moons go by. Anyway, it's karaoke Wednesday. Jam along. From train stop, to train stop.

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